account director-1 (1)“What is one thing that sets you apart from the competition ?”

My work ethic. I take pride in going the extra mile for my clients and I truly care about the quality of work that goes out the door.

“A good account director should have the luck of a magician, dexterity of a juggler and instinct of a hunter. A juggler because you need to juggle multiple accounts, contacts and initiatives effortlessly.”


Leading a client account (or set of accounts) within an advertising agency, ensuring they are profitable and growing is really some challenging stuff. Possessing meaningful business insights, a good Account Director actively identifies new areas of growth and pursue those opportunities.

Working in the advertising, digital or marketing sectors, an Account Director ensures the smooth production of campaigns – from briefing designers and copywriters, to managing budgets and possibly a team of executives. A lot of responsibilities right? This all together makes an Account Director a very versatile role.

Our interview today is with such an exceptionally passionate Account Director – Meet Danika Hendricks.

Currently at Internet Marketing Inc., Danika is a very successful Account Manager with an eye for detail and the ability to predict what works for customers–and what doesn’t.  She is an excellent teammate, stimulated by challenge, and focused on efficiency. Her passion for identifying outside-the-box solutions drives her ability to create & successfully execute custom digital marketing strategies.

Sharing her tips on Account Management, it’s truly an honor to host Danika Hendricks in our Agency expert interview series:

1. We would like to know a bit of your career background, and how and when you got into Digital Marketing ?

After receiving degrees in Psychology and Business from USC, I started out in the finance world as an Account Manager at an estate planning firm. I quickly realized I wanted a career that better merged both psyc and business interests. Marketing was a no brainer and when in San Diego offered me a job working on their start-up online daily deal program, I jumped at the opportunity to change careers and explore my passions in the Digital Marketing industry.

Now, as an Account Director at a digital agency, I’m able to apply the skills I’ve learned in digital over the past 7 years to execute successful, multi-channel strategies for my clients.

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2. Are there warning signs about a client relationship falling apart that you recognize now? What is your best advice if you feel a client relationship fracturing?

Absolutely. When you’ve built a great rapport with your clients, it’s typical to receive hints about any disappointments or frustrations felt on their end. They can come in the form of silence on a call, a decrease in overall communication, or even direct feedback. And many times as an Account Person, you may be feeling them, also!

The best advice I have is: Be Proactive! Address it head on with the client and be the one to make the first call. Listen to their needs. Then, address them head on with your internal team. Schedule monthly or quarterly check ins with client stakeholders.

Be the first one to drive improvements and spark change to internal process where needed. And don’t be afraid to suggest out-of-the-box solutions to internal decision makers if you believe a change is necessary for the betterment of the client.

3. What do you believe to be the most important task you do on a daily basis? Why?

I have 3: Over-communicate to clients, express gratitude/praise to internal delivery teams, and prioritize your to-do list! In the digital world there are so many moving parts to make a campaign run smoothly. Stay organized and it’s important to keep your clients informed about the work that’s being done internally behind the scenes.

Also, digital marketing requires input from many different experts. Nothing can be accomplished without your team, so be sure to take a moment and celebrate the successes.

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4. From a client relationship perspective, how do you keep things fresh?

A lot of my clients are out of state, so I try to schedule an in person meeting at least once a quarter. While some of these meetings are focused on historical performance reviews, I try to keep every other in person focused around planning and brainstorming, to bring them into the process. This adds an element of excitement for both teams and can be a very good way to build relationships with your clients.

5. What is the one thing that sets you apart most from the competition?

My work ethic. I take pride in going the extra mile for my clients and I truly care about the quality of work that goes out the door. I’m also fueled the ever-changing nature of the digital industry, so I’m always looking for ways to bring new ideas to my clients and improve processes for my agency!

Today we got to know some great tips on client – relationship goals from an expert Account Director . Going forward there are many more specialists that we want to chat with. We will resume our discussion with another expert next week.

Until then, Happy Marketing!!


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